Core Services Expedited Permanency

Core Services Expedited Permanency provides treatment services for families who have one or more children who are at risk for out-of-home placement.
The purpose of treatment is to increase safety and nurturing in the home and to help families live together better.

In the case of children who are in placement, the purpose is to reduce time in placement or keep a child in a family-like setting when possible, rather than in a residential treatment facility.

Services are provided without regard to income. Fees may apply if a child is in placement.

Services Available – Core Services Programs may include any of the following elements of service:

  • Therapeutic Services: Interactive parenting, family therapy, support groups, educational groups, problem-solving methods, communication skills, and family conflict management.
  • Therapeutic Education: Interactive Therapeutic Educational Environment, Group Therapy, family therapy problem-solving methods, communication skills, and family, authority and peer conflict management.
  • Concrete services: Concentrated assistance in the development and enhancement of parenting skills, stress reduction, problem solving, communication skills, budget and household management and recreational activities.
  • Collateral services:Teaching families to work with community agencies such as health care, mental health treatment services, substance abuse treatment, job training, information and referral, advocacy groups, housing assistance agencies and schools.

Contact the Phillips County Department of Human Services at 970-854-2280 for assistance.