Civil Process

The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for completing civil process for Phillips County. All inquiries and requests should be forwarded to Kelley Sullivan. Prior to calling, please review the Fee Schedule below.

Effective August 1, 2022, the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office will adopt the following civil process fee schedule as per CRS 30-10-108.

Civil service may be paid by credit card on the Sheriff’s Website (https://phillipscounty.colorado.gov/departments/sheriff/services) paid in person, or by mail.  Pre-payment is required for all service and may be made with cash, check, money order, or credit card CRS 30-1-106. 

The mileage fee listed below includes round trip for three attempts at $0.45 per mile, return service fee, postage, and notary fee (Notary only upon request).

The Sheriff’s Office guarantees three (3) attempts for each service for the below fees.  If additional attempts are desired, another mileage fee will be charged.   

CRS 30-1-104

Summons:                                                                                             $35.00

Subpoena:                                                                                               $30.00

Writ of Garnishment:                                                                              $20.00

Notice to vacate or Demand for Complicate:                                         $30.00

Writ of restitution (includes execution of orders):                                  $60.00

Citation:                                                                                                   $30.00

Notice and summon to appear:                                                              $30.00

Protection orders due to domestic violence or Sexual Assault:             $0.00 (No Fee)

None-Service:                                                                                         $8.00

Sheriff Execution or action:                                                     Fee will have to be determined

Any other papers not listed above:                                                        $30.00

Government rates

Summons:                                                                                                 TBD

Subpoena:                                                                                                TBD

None-service:                                                                                      No charge

Mileage CRS 30-11-107(h)

Amherst Post office:                                                                               $10.00

Haxtun Post Office:                                                                                $15.00

Holyoke Post Office:                                                                              $5.00

Paoli Post Office:                                                                                    $8.00