Communications Center





Sara Kumm
Communications Director

221 South Interocean Avenue
Holyoke, CO 80734

(T) 970-854-2735
(F) 970-854-4069

Email: sara.kumm@phillipscounty.co

The Phillips County Communications Center is a computer-aided dispatch center with enhanced 911 capabilities. The center is staffed by 1 dispatcher at all times.

Communications Non-Emergency Numbers

  • Phillips County Communication Center: 970-854-2735
  • Phillips County Sheriff: 970-854-3644
  • Colorado State Patrol: 303-239-4501
  • Colorado Toll Free Road Conditions: 1-877-315-7623 or 511
  • Holyoke Police Department: 970-854-2244
  • Haxtun Police Department – 970-774-6289
  • Poison Help Hotline: 800-222-1222

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If I call 911 on my cell phone in Phillips County, where will the call go?

The call, in most cases, will be routed to the Phillips County Communications Center. It is important to know your approximate location to help us locate you. The cell phone carriers are working diligently to resolve the situation, however many cell phones do not have the Global Positioning Chip necessary to identify a location.

2. When are you open?

The dispatch center is a 24-hour operation, every day of the year.

3. Can dispatch give medical advice?

No, dispatchers are not qualified to give medical "advice." These situations are referred to a doctor's office or the hospital emergency room after hours.

4. Why am I asked all these questions when I call 911? I just want help.

The first thing a dispatcher needs to do is verify your location and get a call-back number in case the call is disconnected. For medical calls, dispatch procedure is to gather information to send to the responding agency for the medical emergency. Our dispatchers must also assess scene safety for the sake of the responders and the caller.

5. How many agencies do you dispatch for?

This center dispatches for the Holyoke and Haxtun Police Departments, Phillips County Sheriff’s Office, Holyoke, Haxtun, Amherst and County Rural Fire Departments, Holyoke and Haxtun Ambulance Services, Victim’s Advocate, and Colorado Division of Wildlife.

6. How many dispatchers do you have?

When fully staffed, the Phillips County Communication Center has 5 full-time dispatchers.