Landowner Education and Compliance

  • Work with landowners to identify noxious weeds

  • Develop weed management plans

  • Enforce the Phillips County weed law. This requires certain noxious weeds to be eradicated or controlled. Note:Some species are not on our list including: sunflower, cocklebur, punturevine, kochia and Russian thistle. Because they are not listed as noxious weeds Phillips County is not responsible for controlling them.

Roadside Spraying Program

The roadside spraying operation utilizes five specialized spray trucks designed for roadside spraying in the County’s right-of-way.

Phillips County is divided into 3 districts (see map) and each truck is assigned to an area. When the trucks are spraying the operators are spraying the entire right-of-way for noxious weeds and others weeds such as sunflowers for safety from wildlife.The other two trucks travel the roads locating and spraying only noxious weeds.

Most roads are covered twice in a season.

The typical spraying season starts in April and ends in October.