Old Age Pension (OAP)


The Old Age Pension (OAP) Health and Medical Care Program provides limited medical care for individuals receiving Old Age Pension grants who do not qualify for Medicaid. This program is funded through the $10 million Old Age Pension Health and Medical Care Fund established in the state's constitution and Colorado Revised Statutes. A Supplemental Old Age Pension Health and Medical Program also funds these services with an additional $750,000. This program is a 100% state-funded program and is not an entitlement. Accordingly, the authorized cap of $10,750,000 a year (including the Supplemental Program) cannot be exceeded.

The OAP was established in 1936 by an amendment to the state constitution creating article XXIV. This article was later amended in 1956 to add the Health and Medical Care Program and Fund in section 7 of the article.The OAP benefits specified in article XXIV of the state constitution require that a health and medical program be provided to anyone who qualifies to receive an OAP cash payment and who is not a patient in an institution for tuberculosis or mental disease. Certain sources of General Fund, primarily excise taxes, must be earmarked to cover the costs of the OAP benefits.

The Department of Human Services continues to have the statutory authority to administer the Old Age Pensions, the State Old Age Pension Fund, and the Old Age Pension Stabilization Fund.

The OAP Health and Medical Care Program is also known as the Modified Medical Plan, State Medical Program, Limited Medicaid and OAP State Only Program.

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