If a new road is requested which is not on a section line, a survey will be required and paid for by the party requesting the road.
All new road requests must be approved by the county commissioners.

Design of any road will be approved individually, depending on the type of soil, the anticipated traffic, and gross weight.

All new roads require a 60’ right-of-way. The property will be a dedicated easement or deeded to the county.

All roads must meet approval before Phillips County will take over maintenance. The Phillips County Commissioners will give approval in writing.

Road abandonment requests are to be in writing to the commissioners. If the commissioners consider the request justified, a public hearing will be held before the commissioners decide to close the road. The hearing notice must be advertised in the paper two weeks.

With the commissioners' approval, a notice will be placed in the paper requesting property owners to keep our roads safe. This is done in the spring.

Sprinkling of roads: On the first report of water sprinkling the roads, the property owner or operator of the sprinkler should be notified through a call by the Sheriff’s Department and the call documented. On a second report of the same party sprinkling the road, a letter of warning should be mailed to the owner or operator. When there is a third report on the same party at the same location, a citation will be given by the Sheriff's Department.

Letters will be sent to individuals if the road foreman has been notified of or becomes aware of:

  1. Dumping of appliances, trees or any solid waste in road right-of-ways.
  2. Using the roads as a turnaround point at the end of farming rows.
  3. Farming within 6’ of the shoulder of the roads or to the bottom of the ditch, whichever is the greater distance from the road shoulder.
  4. Tail water running into barrow pits (CRS 42-5-301)
  5. Fences constructed on or across county right-of-ways.

If excessive road damage is done by a commercial business or individual (ex. irrigation water, gas companies, or animal confinement businesses), the road damage will be evaluated, and the company causing the damage will be billed at 100% of what it costs the county to repair the road.

Roads are maintained on an as-needed basis. High usage roads will be given first consideration.
Lower usage roads will be maintained depending on weather conditions and available time.

The county will not maintain private driveways. Special consideration will be given to individuals that require medical assistance.

A county road will be improved to provide school bus access at the request of the school district. This may require gravel and grading to provide an adequate turn around area. These will be maintained only when necessary. Private driveways for school buses will be handled case by case.

Culverts Policy
If a personal request for a culvert for a driveway is made, the individual pays for the culvert and the county provides the installation.
The county will not provide more than 3 culverts in a half mile. Installation of culverts is subject to Board of County Commissioners’ approval.