A child becomes available for adoption when a court has terminated the rights of a child’s birth parents, or those rights have been relinquished. Local adoptive parents are trained foster parents for the children of Phillips County who have completed the foster care / adoption certification process in order to adopt. It is important to note that once a child is adopted, they are a part of your family permanently and legally.

The process of becoming an adoptive parent is similar to the process of becoming a foster parent. Contact the foster care coordinator in the Phillips County Department of Human Services to set up a meeting. The coordinator will help you learn more and guide you through the process of certification when you are ready. There are several straight forward steps to becoming a foster-to-adopt parent:

  • Contact the Phillips County Department of Human Services foster care coordinator
  • Complete and submit an application and all required documents
  • Attend the state-mandated foster parent training class
  • Participate in a comprehensive foster family assessment, performed by the Phillips County foster care coordinator

Visit the co4kids.org website for more information, OR
C​​​​​ontact Foster Care Coordinator Lori Lundgren at lori.lundgren@state.co.us or at 970-854-2280, ext. 101.