Child Welfare

PLEASE CALL 970-854-5218 OR 844-264-5437

The Division of Child Welfare is a state-supervised, county-administered system. If you want to report suspected abuse or neglect please contact the the Phillips County Department of Human Services at 970-854-2280 or the county in which the activity is taking place.

Program Description
Child Welfare is a division located in the Office of Children, Youth and Family Services. It consists of a group of services intended to protect children from harm and to assist families in caring for and protecting their children. Taken together, these programs comprise the main thrust of Colorado’s effort to meet the needs of children who must be placed, or are at risk of placement, outside of their homes for reasons of protection or community safety. The delivery of Child Welfare Services in Colorado is primarily a state-supervised, county-administered system.

Visit the CDHS - Child Welfare website for more information.

Adoption / Foster Care
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